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“SHEEDY NAILS IT” – First (RAVE) Review of “No Greater Love” by Justin Sheedy

8 September 2016

“No Greater Love” by Justin Sheedy – Review by Karen Carpenter, Sydney


It is a shame that new Australian talent isn’t exactly encouraged in this country. Authors like Justin Sheedy don’t come along very often. As a reader my favourite thing is discovering a new author then seeing them develop with each new book they publish. All of Sheedy’s books have been a pleasure to read, but in this one, he nails it.

For those who have followed the trilogy so far, you sort of know what to expect from the main character of this book, Colin Stone, ‘Stoney’, who we met in Book 1, but when you start reading “No Greater Love” you, the reader, are in for surprises. In short, expect the unexpected. And don’t be put off if you haven’t read the first two books as each story stands on its own.

Dymocks Sydney Instagram pic for book-launch of "No Greater Love" Sept 2016

Dymocks Sydney Instagram pic for book-launch of “No Greater Love” Sept 2016

This book is packed with action right from the word go and this continues right through to the last page of the epilogue, effortlessly flowing from one scene to the next. With “No Greater Love”, the action opens in Malta, the most bombed island in the Second World War, and the pace never lets up. The action follows our man Stoney through North Africa, to Sicily, to Britain and France. This is a hard book to put down.

Colin Stone is a character of unexpected depth and intelligence, but don’t tell him that, he’ll only blush. A simple man from simple beginnings, this young pilot rises through the ranks as the war progresses due to his creativity and quick thinking in the air.

Book Back Cover

Book Back Cover

Our leading man is just that: a leading man in his capacity for respect for all no matter their station in life, a man of humour in dire times and love, LOVE of course being the story’s central theme as echoed in the book’s title. The love a man must have in order to say, ok, I can die for every man, woman and child in my country. The capacity for love that a man must have to be prepared to die defending a land he has never before set foot on. Despite such capacity, Colin Stone lacks the single most important thing to every human being: Knowing one’s own worth. It is this that leads to the true heart of this story and its true value.

“No Greater Love” continues Sheedy’s story of the individual’s war. What has always been a nice touch with these books is that Sheedy does not discriminate between ‘friend’ and ‘enemy’. The human heart of the war is alive and well in this book.

Justin Sheedy has written a brilliant character in Colin Stone, complete with major character flaw.  All the best characters have them, like Hamlet. Ok, Stoney’s no Hamlet…

Actually, yes he is, kind of.

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