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Local Boy Makes Good – Author Justin Sheedy signs his latest at Gleebooks Sat 7 March

4 March 2015

Justin-Sheedy-Dymocks-4Author Justin Sheedy is delighted to have been invited to sign copies of his 4th and latest book, “Memoirs of a Go-Go Dancer”, at his local bookstore, Gleebooks, inner-city literary mecca of Sheedy’s home town, Sydney, on Saturday 7th of March.

In a literary nutshell, it’s a local event for a local boy telling a local story and he couldn’t be prouder. Particularly as this, his latest book released last Christmas, has already received rave reviews and they keep flooding in.  Sheedy will be signing copies from 10am at Gleebooks, directly across Glebe Point Road from the iconic Glebe Markets, so it should be a bustling event full of local character. And characters! Including young Sheeds.

MEMOIRS OF A GO-GO DANCER – Justin Sheedy’s first job out of school was a symbol of his rebellion against the 1980s – a decade so lame it cried out for any other. Crackernight, the annual fireworks festival of his childhood, was gone. So was childhood. Justin’s teenage would be a search for new fireworks. He would find them. In his legendary schoolteachers, in questioning his elders, in playing rock and roll, in marching against nuclear madness, and in that scariest of all things known to Man: GIRLS. And all that was before he became a Go-Go Dancer! Then the fun REALLY started…

Memoirs of a Go-Go Dancer Full Cover

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