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A BRILLIANTLY CONSTRUCTED TALE. “Ghosts of the Empire” by Justin Sheedy – Review by Colleen Dudley

4 January 2014


“Ghosts of the Empire” by Justin Sheedy – Review by Colleen Dudley, Sydney, Australia

After being unable to put down ‘Nor the Years Condemn’‘Ghosts of the Empire’ was a must-read. A brilliantly constructed tale of our forebears, brave young men who went on an adventure to the other side of the world. The narrative flows effortlessly between the various players, with clever intersecting of characters from ‘Nor the Years Condemn’.

Nor the Years Condemn by Justin Sheedy‘Ghosts of the Empire’ grabbed me from the prologue, and I found myself totally immersed, book-in-hand at every opportunity. Well researched and well written – a ride that takes you through so many emotions. Justin’s characterisations let you in to the lives of these people and you feel their love, pain, joys and losses. Laugh and cry and feel the injustices that war brought to the likes of Mick O’Regan.

So looking forward to the next chapter in this engrossing ‘trilogy’. Top shelf!

My most heart-felt thanks to Colleen! — Justin Sheedy. I could not have asked for a lovelier way to begin a Writing 2014.

Author Justin Sheedy

Author Justin Sheedy

To purchase Justin’s books from great Australian independent bookstore, ABBEY’S BOOKSHOP, click HERE, from major Australian chain, DYMOCKS, click HERE. To purchase internationally, click HERE. For ALL Reviews of “Ghosts of the Empire”, click HERE.

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