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1st Rave Review of Rising Australian Author Justin Sheedy’s LATEST! “Ghosts of the Empire”

6 December 2013

“Ghosts of the Empire” – A New Novel by Justin Sheedy – Review by Mark Bentley

“This latest fact-based but fictional novel by Justin Sheedy is without doubt every bit as good as the prequel, “Nor the Years Condemn”.  Both are written to tell the story of the brave young men from the British Commonwealth, in this case from Australia, who volunteered to become aircrew during World War II as part of the Royal Australian Airforce.

The opening pages of the book tell you all you need to know about the story’s main character: who he is, what he does before joining up, the background of his family life.  Sheedy excels here; in just a few short pages you feel you have met the character and know him personally – Other authors have used half a book to attempt this, and bore you rigid doing so – definitely not so here.

Nor the Years Condemn by Justin SheedyThe way in which “Ghosts of the Empire” has been researched for accuracy is quite simply astounding, even down to a countryside walk away from the main character’s UK airfield, an airfield that is still in use today, and one which I visit to photograph the modern Royal Air Force:  The description of the land by Sheedy made me feel I was walking on those very country lanes and roads, only next time I do I’ll ask, “Is that a gentle breeze I feel, or is it someone else taking a stroll from an earlier time?!”

Another aspect of Sheedy’s writing style is that during the book he jumps mid-page at times to events happening elsewhere in the story, events happening at the same time, and then back again.  When Sheedy does this it actually works, and works very well; he keeps you enthralled the whole time, unlike some other authors where you find it annoying and end up skip-reading or even missing pages to get back to the main narrative thread.

Very Well Done, Justin Sheedy.  An excellent read from cover to cover!

Mark Bentley
Hertfordshire, UK.
PS: This is my own first attempt at a book review, but I just had to do one for THIS book.”

My most heartfelt thanks to Mark Bentley – Justin Sheedy

To purchase “Ghosts of the Empire” from Dymocks bookstores, click HERE. For “Ghosts of the Empire” from Amazon in paperback & ebook formats, click HERE. Or from Abbey’s Bookshop, Gleebooks, or Waterstones and WH Smith (UK)For full bookstore availability, click HERE. For details of Justin Sheedy’s in-store book-signing events, click HERE. For Rave Reviews of “Nor the Years Condemn”, click HERE. For ALL Reviews of “Ghosts of the Empire”, click HEREFor reading excerpts of “Ghosts of the Empire”, HERE.  SECOND RAVE REVIEW, HERE!  FIRST PRESS COVERAGE HERE!

A Happy and very Lucky Author

A Happy and very Lucky Author


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