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Author Justin Sheedy’s Latest, “Ghosts of the Empire”, NOW ON SALE!

24 November 2013

Ghosts of the Empire
Justin Sheedy’s latest book, the much-anticipated “Ghosts of the Empire” is at long last on sale! Readers Australia-wide and Internationally will be delighted to know that this sequel to Sheedy’s so warmly received World War II historical fiction, “Nor the Years Condemn”, delivers all the ingredients they loved with “Nor the Years” but with everything shifted up a gear: The air combat action is more white-knuckle, the sex is sexier, the horror more horrible, the anti-war themes more biting.  Based on a true story so exciting, so heroic, so tragic, so dramatic as to defy belief, “Ghosts of the Empire” is high-exhilaration history brought to life! Sheedy is delighted that, even though “Ghosts of the Empire” has JUST been released, sales have already been brilliant, in fact, reprints have already been called for.  To see why “Ghosts of the Empire” has been so highly anticipated, click HERE for rave reader-reviews of the prequel, “Nor the Years Condemn”. FIRST RAVE REVIEW OF “GHOSTS OF THE EMPIRE” HERE!  FIRST PRESS COVERAGE HERE!

To order immediately from Dymocks, click HERE, from Amazon in paperback & Kindle formats, click HERE. Or from Abbey’s Bookshop, Gleebooks, or Waterstones and WH Smith (UK).


Author Justin Sheedy

Author Justin Sheedy

“Ghosts of the Empire” is now available on the bookstore shelves of Dymocks Sydney, Dymocks Chatswood, Dymocks Macquarie Centre, Dymocks Rouse Hill, Dymocks Warringah Mall, Dymocks Wollongong, Dymocks Camberwell, Dymocks Carindale, Dymocks Garden City, Gleebooks, Book Review St Ives, The Lindfield Bookshop, Collins Booksellers Camden, The Constant Reader Crows Nest, Megalong Books Leura, Berkelouw Books, The University Co-op Bookshop, Book Warehouse Lismore & Port Macquarie, Hooked on Books & Gifts Normanville,  Robinsons Bookshop Frankston, The Book House Noosaville and The Australian War Memorial.  With more stores to come!  Ghosts of the Empire” is orderable internationally from any of these stores and will soon be on international bookstore shelves & in all ebook formats.  


As the storm of World War II breaks, Mick O’Regan is a peaceful Sydney working-class boy. Yet he and the shining youth of his generation are cursed to enter a world of high-speed life and death. Like first-time Aussie backpackers they cross the planet to save the British Empire, their job on arrival the most dangerous of the War: flying for Royal Air Force Bomber Command.

Ghosts Back CoverBased on a true Australian war story only now being brought to life by author Justin Sheedy’s vivid historical fictions, “Ghosts of the Empire” is also a story of young people living life to the full while they can – in a blacked-out world where dance partners, sex and death flow in equal abundance.

Though standing on its own as the white-knuckle excitement saga that it is, “Ghosts of the Empire” is the much-anticipated sequel to “Nor the Years Condemn”, Sheedy’s highly acclaimed story of shining young men destined never to grow old. ‘Ghosts’, it is said, are the spirits of those who die violently, tragically, or when ripped from life too young. “Ghosts of the Empire” is their story.

ISBN 9780646910901

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  1. Denise Boneham permalink
    25 November 2013 9:57 pm

    If we are ordering from overseas Justin how do we get your signature on the book? 🙂

  2. Denise Boneham permalink
    25 November 2013 9:59 pm

    Oh and when are they going to interview you on the radio reference this book 🙂

  3. Denise Boneham permalink
    25 November 2013 10:00 pm

    Just a thought how are your overseas fans going to get your signature on their books if they order it? 🙂

  4. 25 November 2013 10:23 pm

    My most eminent friend, Denise. Was mentioned just last Thursday on a Major Australian radio show re my Book Launch on the very night. Only found that out from the people who came into Dymocks Chatswood saying they’d heard it – One lady having rushed her husband in from the Airport, bags in hand, and that’s the truth! 😀 And such a lovely notion from you re international book-signings. 🙂 Impossible to get the world-wide distributor of my book to have signed copies but I Have had a few readers already send me their copies from the UK to be signed & sent back by me, which I have been blessed to do.


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