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“Nor the Years Condemn” Author Justin Sheedy Dymocks Books December In-Store Events!

18 November 2012
Author Justin Sheedy with Dymocks Customer

Author Justin Sheedy with Dymocks Customer

Fresh from his Remembrance Day weekend SELL-OUT book-signing event at Dymocks George Street Sydney – FULL STORY & PHOTO-SHOOT HERE, author Justin Sheedy will now be signing copies of his latest book Nor the Years Condemn at Dymocks Macquarie Centre on Saturday 8 December and at Dymocks North Sydney (a triumphant return visit!) on Friday 21 December – the final full shopping day before Christmas.

On Remembrance Day weekend, the timing was perfect for Sheedy’s in-store event at Dymocks George Street as the symbol of Remembrance Day, the Red Poppy, is also the symbol of Sheedy’s book (pictured), which has just been accepted by The Australian War Memorial.  Sheedy now looks forward to sharing with Dymocks Macquarie & North Sydney customers his passion for the great Australian true story on which Nor the Years Condemn is based: the stunning saga of the young Australians who crossed the planet to fly Spitfires against Nazi Germany in World War II.

Justin Sheedy with John Laws

Justin Sheedy with John Laws

Sales of the book certainly seem to have been swelled by Sheedy’s recent interview on the John Laws Show, with so many book-lovers engaged by the prospect of reading an Australian story of ‘Gallipoli’ magnitude yet, until now, unknown by most Australians…  At Gallipoli in 1915 Australia discovered its ‘national identity’ – a breed of young people looking after each other in the midst of the worst situation imaginable, a heroic defeat.  Nor the Years Condemn tells a story in this very same ANZAC nation-defining tradition yet, by contrast to the Gallipoli story, not one of heroic defeat but of stunning victory, albeit at tragic cost, of how the best & brightest of an Australian generation ironically chose one of the fastest ways to die of World War II – and won it.

Sell-Out Book-Signing Dymocks Sydney

Sell-Out Book-Signing Dymocks Sydney

The product of 10 years’ research and WWII aircrew veteran interviews by Sheedy, his inspiration to write Nor the Years Condemn was to bring alive an untold chapter of Australian war history through the descriptive powers of historical fiction.  A truly ‘ripping yarn’ of (very) young men flying Spitfires into air combat, Nor the Years Condemn is also ‘a mothers’ story’, as for every shining young man who flew a Spitfire, there was also a mother cursed to relinquish her wonderful young son to war, just one factor that renders Sheedy’s story such a heart-rending read.

Sheedy with an 'old dancing partner'

Sheedy with an ‘old dancing partner’

To Sheedy’s avowed relief, this, his second book, has received since publication in early 2012 the kind of reviews he long dreamed of yet never expected.  To read them, CLICK HERE.  Sheedy is very much looking forward to signing copies of Nor the Years Condemn for customers of Dymocks Macquarie Centre on Saturday 8 December as well as at Dymocks North Sydney on Friday 21 December. See DYMOCKS EVENTS for further details.

Author Justin Sheedy pic by Emmy Etie

Author Justin Sheedy pic by Emmy Etie

Nor the Years Condemn is currently available at Dymocks George Street Sydney, Dymocks Macquarie Centre, Dymocks North Sydney, also Chatswood, Rouse Hill and Camberwell (VIC) stores, through Dymocks Online, also as a print-on-demand paperback at AMAZON, as an e-book at SMASHWORDS and at all major e-book websites, and at The Australian War Memorial.  For reading excerpts of the book, CLICK HERE.



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