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Author Justin Sheedy Signing Copies of his latest book “Nor the Years Condemn” at Dymocks Chatswood Saturday 8 Sept!

3 September 2012
Justin Sheedy

Justin Sheedy

I am delighted and privileged to have been invited by Dymocks Chatswood to an in-store event for my book, “Nor the Years Condemn”, this Saturday 8th September. I will be at the store, located in Westfield Shopping Centre Chatswood, from 9am and look forward hugely to meeting and chatting with Dymocks customers about my book.

I am amazed by the support I’ve been receiving (as a still “struggling” Australian author) from this truly Iconic Australian bookstore chain.  The lovely momentum started in May after my successful appearance as a guest writer at the Gloucester Writers’ Festival 2012 when the Dymocks flagship store in George Street Sydney agreed to stock “Nor the Years Condemn”, massive thanks to Dymocks George Street book-buyer, Ben Garland, who has just placed his 4th order for the book.

Then in August Dymocks North Sydney manager Sandra Wigzell invited me to spend a day with them at an in-store event where, to my relief and delight, the book sold like Hotcakes. I am blissed that Dymocks North Sydney will be having me back for a similar event in the lead-up to Christmas.

My book is available at Dymocks Chatswood as of this very week due to book-buyer Petra Grotjahn’s amazing support and belief in my writing – Petra had read and enjoyed my first book, “Goodbye Crackernight”.  Also as of this week, Dymocks Macquarie Centre have signed copies of the book on their shelves, an in-store event there too in the coming weeks.

At this time I must surely express my thanks to 2 lovely ladies for their brilliant promotional efforts re “Nor the Years Condemn”Collette McGrath here in Australia and Denise Boneham in the UK.  AND to the fabulous Lisa Heidke (major Australian Author) whom I met at the Gloucester Writers’ Festival and who interviewed me recently re “Nor the Years Condemn”.

My eminent thanks also to the following Reader-Reviewers of the book, all of whom are mentioned in the Special Acknowledgements page of the book, both in hard-copy and online editions: Michael High from Colorado Springs USA, Martin Zitek and Rochelle Lancaster from here in Australia, Celia Byrnes from the UK, Denise Boneham for her reviews, Stephanie Speakman from Cape Cod USA, Nathan Dickey from Waco Texas, Andrew Landström from Sweden, Tim Bean and Stephen Horsman from here in Australia, Paddy O’Connor from the UK, Logan Meddler Dehn from Indiana USA, Justin Osborne from Georgia USA and James McDonald from here in Australia. SEE THEIR REVIEWS HERE.

Back Cover for Nor the Years Condemn

Back Cover for Nor the Years Condemn

Huge thanks also to Sheryll Thomas, Hélèn Jourdan, Emma Hitchins and Raymundo Jiminez Enriquez for their invaluable online support of “Nor the Years Condemn”. Also to Portia Lindsay of the New South Wales Writers’ Centre for her belief in my work and for requesting my article for the NSW Writers’ Centre Newsletter re the struggle of the Emerging Writer, which Portia entitled “THE POWER OF PERSEVERANCE”.

Even with such lovely gains and ongoing in-store events (may there be many more), I’m still very much a “struggling” Australian author.  My book “Nor the Years Condemn”has received the sort of responses – from those who truly count (READERS) – that I used to write in my head when the book and any success surrounding it was just a Dream. Yet the book is STILL not with a Major Australian Publisher, so relies solely on my own efforts to ‘get it Out There’.  Which it seems to be doing.  (!)  So I cannot sufficiently express my thanks to all those mentioned above whose help in this task has been (and continues to be) PURE GOLD.

I look forward mightily to this Saturday’s in-store event at DYMOCKS Chatswood. — Justin Sheedy, September 2012.

Dymocks Literary Events listing for Justin Sheedy

Dymocks Literary Events listing for Justin Sheedy

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  1. 6 September 2012 10:00 pm

    Sincere thanks to Ms Lou Pollard for her Like on this Post. Truly appreciated, Lou.

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