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Well-received new author has latest book rejected by Publishing Companies, so BITES THE E-BULLET

16 October 2011

My name is Justin Sheedy. I had my first book, “Goodbye Crackernight”, published in traditional format at the end of 2009.  It’s my portrait of growing up in the 1970s, when a child’s proudest possession was not a Playstation but a second-hand bike.  To my relief, the book was so well received that it earnt me a place up on the stage of an important writers’ festival in my home Australia.

My latest book, “Nor the Years Condemn”, is an historical fiction based on the staggeringly exciting, tragic and true story of how, in World War Two, the best & brightest of a generation crossed the Planet to FLY and fight against the unstoppable might of Nazi Germany.  Out of pure necessity for the job at hand, they were highly intelligent, can-do irreverant, sometimes hilarious young men who, with a 1-in-3 chance of survival, ensured a war against Tyranny of the worst kind was WON.

With in-the-cockpit-seat flying sequences that readers have described as cinematic, “Nor the Years Condemn” is also a story of the grieving mothers cursed to relinquish their wonderful sons to war, of first love, of strategic deception and betrayal, of brotherhood and once-in-a-lifetime friendship on a knife’s edge.  It is a story of shining young men destined never to become old, and of those who do: the survivors condemned by the years, and to memory of their friends who remain forever young.

This new book of mine has received brilliant reaction from test readers, yet has been systematically rejected by traditional publishers all this year. So I bit the E-bullet.

“Nor the Years Condemn” is now available as an Ebook at SMASHWORDS. See the link: . It’s downloadable in all Ebook formats, including a free 80+ page reading sample.



I look forward to your all thoughts from you on my new book, Ebook publishing, the publishing industry in general and, indeed, its Future.

Yours sincerely
Justin Sheedy.

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